An aisled basilica plan terminating in the east with a chevet plat.


The rib-vaulted nave was originally a two-story elevation, however the windows have been subsequently blocked. The diagonals are supported by the diagonally-placed plinths in conjunction with some on diagonal capitals and some on the square. Sculpture is elaborate and ornate with foliate and figurative forms.



The old early to mid 12th-century nave with a tower is much like that of Clermont-de-Cambronne with the addition of a sixteenth-century choir.

Sculptural Program


Foulanges is among the buildings which were experimenting early in rib vaults. Like Bury it combines forms considered characteristically "Norman" with forms (cornice type) from the Beauvaisis.


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Vital Statistics
  • Begun around 1135
  • Destroyed in
  • Latitude 49.2756996154785
  • Longitude 2.31545996665955
  • Parent Town
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