Nicosia, Cathedral of Holy Wisdom (Selimiye Mosque)


A three-aisled basilica with four bays in the nave, a one-story transept and a one bay chevet with a five segmented hemicycle and an ambulatory with no radiating chapels. Attached to each transept arm is an apsidal chapel with a semi-dome. The nave has four bays with the two western most bays being the largest. A porch on the west front of the building has piers thick enough to support towers that were never completed. Today minerets rise from the tower bases.


The two story elevation is separated by what might be thought of as a blind triforium. Round piers support the arcade arches. En de lit shafts with collars rise from the piers to the ribs of the main vaults



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Vital Statistics
  • Begun around
  • Destroyed in
  • Latitude 35.1765510303668
  • Longitude 33.3646849393845
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